Creating bridges between Kenya and the Blockchain Economy

Creating bridges between Kenya and the Blockchain Economy

One of the main objectives of this project is to integrate the unbanked population into conventional finance, taking advantage of new technologies, especially the Blockchain. This offers the possibility of decentralized finance (DeFi: Decentralized Finance), and even more so if you take into account the mass adoption of mobile money in Kenya.

This scenario is beneficial for both those who have banks and those who
do not. Features such as convenience, speed and low transaction fees also
attract more and more, those that are banked.

On the other hand, it is known that despite the numerous potential
benefits of Blockchain technologies for the developing world, sub-Saharan
Africa still lags in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. But if …
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EcomToken on the way to success!!

EcomToken on the way to success!!

These days, EcomToken team have 3 announcements that will surely excite everyone!

(1) First, Ecom Token had a successful contract signing ceremony with GymLgr and Everest Network that was held in Madrid, Spain on August 31, 2019. The good news is that they invested funds worth 5 million euros, in that the condition of the contract requires that the community have a minimum of 6 million or more tokens.

With the success of the signing ceremony, they will send
“TheBand” (Ecom Gym Ledger version 1) of EcomToken to market leaders.
This is a fitness band device with the function of storing and extracting ECK
based on POE (exercise test).

In addition, Everest Network invested in EcomTrading, which
will be launched this September …
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Crypto-Bans: Let’s Kill The Strawmen

Crypto-Bans: Let’s Kill The Strawmen

There are two ways to resolve an argument. The harder one endures

Hitting the weak nerve – you just want to control (cough, cough – bully) we or you do not understand us– is now becoming boring. It was never fair, to begin with, especially for players who espouse the basic spirit of transparency and trust with crypto-technologies. What if we raise the argument? What if we put our toes, and even socks, on the other side’s shoes? Coinatory continues its series of Rogerian interviews. This time we have Zac Cheah, CEO, Pundi X who pulls no punches but plays the gentleman’s game as well. He stares at the issues that build the path for regulatory bans and confronts them with some thought-provoking shovels.

Are the concerns of governme …
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Crypto-critics may be right. Thank you Theodore

Crypto-critics may be right. Thank you Theodore

Ninety per cent of everything is crap. Exactly! That is what makes the ten per cent worth it all!

It is easy to dismiss, avert or blindside someone who opposes you. But easy, eh! That’s what cowards or con-men do. Real men/women accept their truth, warts and all. If the world of regulations is going too far on Sturgeon’s law (you know that American author Theodore Sturgeon who told us that ninety per cent of everything is crud), it would be refreshing if we could confront the ninety per cent that is iffy, and also, with the same confidence, show the ten per cent that is The Real McCoy.

Here’s Nischal Shetty, CEO, WazirX rock-climbing his way against a huge, hard and caltrop-strewn wall that has grown even taller after some recent …
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Government on Crypto – Sounds like ‘I am Groot’

Government on Crypto - Sounds like ‘I am Groot’

The fears can be reasonable but it would be better if regulators took a brave leap of clarity on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. India’s current confusion makes a strong case for that

Half of the atlas is inching closer to accepting crypto, the rest are either downright against the very idea, or fiddling with it intellectually. There is nothing wrong with it. As long as one is clear where we all stand. China, Pakistan and Egypt can have their own arguments and the likes of Switzerland, Singapore and Japan can move forth with their own reasons. By the same set of worries and excitement around crypto, there are those who are still in the grey zone – like the UK, the USA, Germany and France. As to India, after RBI issued a circular in 20 …
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How Blockchain, Telegram / TON / TVM technology and the OZOTOP project will revolutionize today’s society

How Blockchain, Telegram / TON / TVM technology and the OZOTOP project will revolutionize today's society

saw in a globalized world, with infinite difficulties and conflicts.
Problems of the complicated solution, disputes between countries,
wars, terrorist attacks, environmental disasters, uncontrolled
release of money, and many more that concern us. And we think about
the number of solutions or ideals of life for all humanity. And this
is where the OZOTOP Project comes with its proposal and will
revolutionize the society model, providing a community free of
negativity and scammers.

great challenge

OZOTOP will offer humanity to move towards self-awareness, complete decentralization and self-regulation. The OZOTOP ecosystem is developed in a robotic model of a decentralized society based on the blockchain TON (Telegram Open …
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Four big misconceptions about corporate blockchains

Four big misconceptions about corporate blockchains

Blockchain technology is considered revolutionary when it comes to database management and record-keeping systems. However, the emergence of any new technology is usually fraught with confusion and error.

The underlying technology of the distributed registry has caused great interest from companies in many industries, as the blockchain allows you to create a single version of reliable data for participants in such networks.

The use of the blockchain, in essence, means that companies are well protected from data leakage, and the information in the system used is not subject to unauthorized changes. It also reduces the need for companies to invest in cybersecurity, data recovery and backup solutions.

All of the above is just a …
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