Oil giants Total and Chevron join Vakt blockchain platform

Oil giants Total and Chevron join Vakt blockchain platform

Chevron, one of the leading US energy corporations, has joined the Vakt blockchain platform for trading oil and oil products. This was January 16 reported Reuters.

In addition to Chevron, Total, the largest oil and gas company in France, and Reliance Industries, the Indian oil conglomerate, became participants in the platform.

Vakt, built on the basis of blockchain technology of JPMorgan Quorum, aims to occupy a niche of a single digital platform for the oil industry throughout the world. Cooperation with Vakt is expected to increase the speed and security of the logistics processes of the participating companies.

Recall that the blockchain platform Vakt appeared last fall as a result of the cooperation of the world’s leading …
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Cryptopia hacking investigation: $3.6 million and new circumstances

Cryptopia hacking investigation: $3.6 million and new circumstances

The police of New Zealand confirmed that they are investigating a “grand theft” from the local cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. This is stated in a press release published on January 16. According to some local media, it could be about $3.6 million.

On January 14, Cryptopia suddenly closed its website “for service”, and later it turned out that it “suffered from security vulnerabilities”.

On January 15, on Twitter, Cryptopia made a statement that the users had suffered “significant damage” and that “the exchange was set to the maintenance mode”.

Since then, Cryptopia has also stated that it will not comment on further developments, as an official investigation is being conducted by law enforcement agencies.

According to poli …
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Constantinople update postponed. Again.

Constantinople update postponed. Again.

The long-awaited update of the Ethereum, Constantinople, was postponed after the developers discovered the critical code vulnerability of one of the planned changes.

On January 15, ChainSecurity reported that the EIP-1283 protocol, which was proposed to improve ways to monetize changes to stored data, could provide a loophole for intruders and lead to theft of user funds. Given this, the developers of Ethereum and related projects decided to temporarily put off hardfork in order to properly evaluate the problem and solve it.

Among the participants of the meeting were the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, developers Hudson Jameson, Nick Johnson and Evan Van Ness, as well as product manager for Parity, Afri Shedon. The new date of …
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Cryptopia exchange has been hacked with “significant losses”

The New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has been hacked and now conducts unscheduled maintenance of its systems.

The announcement has just been posted on Twitter, which says that the losses are “significant”:

The exchange can not report the scale of the damage now.

When you try to go to the Cryptopia website, the following message appears in front of users:

It is worth noting that the first official tweet about the maintenance of the exchange dates back to January 13 and says:

Thus, we can assume that the stock exchange was hacked even earlier than January 14th.

The first exc …
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Over $4 million earned on hacked SEC database

Over $4 million earned on hacked SEC database

The dreadful American regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), found itself in the unusual role of a victim. According to the lawsuit, the international criminal group managed to earn more than $ 4 million in securities transactions, thanks to the data stolen from the Commission.

This is about hacking Edgar, the Commission’s database containing official information. According to the claimant, hackers illegally gained access to 157 messages from various companies containing information not intended for publication.

The data stolen from the regulator was used to obtain unlawful benefits in operations with securities of these companies. SEC estimates the income received in this way at $ 4.1 million. In addition, the …
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LedgerX Volatility Index, LXVX

LedgerX Volatility Index, LXVX

Cryptoderivations provider LedgerX has launched Bitcoin Volatility Index (LedgerX Volatility Index, LXVX), which will track indicators of options traded on the company’s platform by analogy with the VIX index of fear on the stock market from CBOE. At the moment, this tool is available on the company’s website and is not sold as a separate product.

According to Juthica Chou, President and Head of LedgerX Risk Management, the volatility index reflects the expectations that the market forms, and this tool works in any market. With the “Bitcoin Fear Index”, traders will be able to track risks and more effectively manage companies. For example, comparing LXVX indicators at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Chou noted that the …
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XRP Classic (XRPC) Project

XRP Classic (XRPC) Project

Current cryptocurrency projects often face competition from their clones, and even Bitcoin has many “versions”. It seems that now the XRP lineup has come, as a digital asset has recently been introduced under the name “XRP Classic”.

Yes, the title seems to be a problem. And most importantly, it is unclear what the XRP Classic asset itself is, and how it differs from the well-known Ripple XRP.

Of course, reusing the XRP logo in the future can lead to discussions and controversies. This new project is unlikely to have been approved by Ripple or the XRP developers, which makes it appear rather suspicious.

As stated on the project website, XRP Classic should be an industrial decentralized solution. Although the asset information cont …
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