Constantinople and three other Ethereum forks

Constantinople and three other Ethereum forks

In January 2019, the hardfork Constantinople approved by Vitalik Buterin will take place in the Ethereum network, which has already been supported by many major exchanges, including Binance, Houbi, and others.

Several new coins are expected to appear:

Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV)Ethereum Nowa Fork (ETN)ERC-20 BlueERC-20 Blue ERC-20 Blue

It is worth adding that any of the listed projects is most likely a fraud created only for the purpose of obtaining money out of nothing.

Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV)

The first hardfork, Classic Vision is to take place on January 11th. The developers of this symbiosis of Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin Cash hardfork, offer 3 ETCV coins for 1 ETH to all users after the …
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